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Surgeon FAQs

Surgeon FAQs

The VisionScope® High Definition Endoscopy Camera System is indicated for use in diagnostic and operative arthroscopic and endoscopic procedures to provide illumination, visualization and the capture of still and motion pictures of an interior cavity of the body through a natural or surgical opening.  Examples of generic surgical use include imaging of articular cavities, body cavities, hollow organs and canals.

Additionally, when used in conjunction with an appropriately indicated and FDA 510(k)-cleared endoscope and light source, the VisionScope High Definition Endoscopy Camera Unit and Camera Handpiece are indicated for use in arthroscopic and endoscopic surgical procedures to provide illumination, visualization and the capture of still and motion pictures of articular cavities, body cavities, hollow organs and canals.

More times than not, post-operative MRIs are inconclusive. Therefore, to clearly assess the healing process or better understand the source of recurring pain/symptoms, today’s standard-of-care is diagnostic arthroscopic surgery. The VSI procedure could change that. The 10-minute, in-office procedure may provide the answers you need to confidently guide your patients through rehabilitation, reducing the need for an MRI or an additional arthroscopic surgery. VSI offers clinical, practical and economical benefits to your practice as well as peace-of-mind for patients.

Yes.  While the VisionScope® system is not a therapeutic device, it has been FDA-cleared for use in both diagnostic and operative procedures to provide illumination, visualization and the capture of still and motion pictures of an interior cavity.  The system’s capabilities allow you to visually identify specific areas of interest, capture data that will aid in your diagnosis, and if you desire, deliver drug therapies through the targeted-access cannula — all as part of a single examination procedure.

Additionally, the image-capture capability of the system can help document healing progression over time, which when subtle, cannot be detected by ultrasound, fluoroscopy or MRI.

There are clinical, practical and economical benefits to incorporating the VisionScope® Imaging system (VSI) into your practice. Clinically, the VSI system offers you the ability to perform real-time arthroscopic diagnostic testing in your office. Now you can have a definitive, dynamic, intra-articular diagnostic perspective at the moment you need it. Diagnosis and treatment planning can take place during a patient’s first visit. Practically, the VSI system supports your need to triage patients based upon treatment needs. Because diagnostic results are available in real time, the management of your practice’s caseload can be optimized. Economically, by addressing both diagnosis and treatment planning during the first visit, the need for a lengthy, follow-up visit could be eliminated. This allows you to welcome more new patients into your practice.

Because only minimal training is required, you will find the VSI system easy and intuitive to use. The design is similar to endoscopy systems currently used in operating rooms — yet miniaturized — allowing minimally-invasive diagnostic procedures to be performed with only a local analgesic. The VSI system is revolutionary, with a familiar feel. This allows the focus to remain on patient care rather than system operation.

When patient pathologies are not straightforward, when an MRI may be inconclusive, or when there is a myriad of treatment options you are considering, a VSI procedure can be useful. In less than 10 minutes, without leaving the exam room, the VSI procedure — which is no more invasive than an MRI arthrogram — can provide you with the dynamic, intra-articular results needed to inform your diagnosis and treatment plan recommendation.

Yes. The VisionScope® system has been FDA 510(k) cleared for use in both diagnostic and operative procedures. Both procedures may be performed in operating rooms or ambulatory surgical centers (ASC).  The versatility of the VSI camera control unit (CCU) – which can accommodate conventional C-mount scopes (2.7mm – 10mm diameters) – makes the VisionScope system compatible with most optics and video infrastructures used in the majority of ORs and ASCs worldwide.

In addition to applications for the knee and shoulder, the VisionScope system is ideal for surgical use in small joints such as the elbow, wrist and ankle. 

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