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Changing the Course of Care

Real-time results in minutes.

A VisionScope® Imaging (VSI) procedure can take less than 10 minutes to perform in the convenience of a physician’s examination room and patients can resume normal activities immediately following the diagnostic procedure.

After proper preparation of the site, the VisionScope needle endoscope is inserted into the joint through the system’s targeted-access cannula. Video images illuminate the joint’s condition and inform the proposed course of action. Upon completion of the VSI procedure, the endoscope is removed, and all single-use, disposable components are properly disposed.

Patient was a fireman who had undergone a SLAP repair and a rotator cuff repair. He was experiencing recurrent pain nine months post-surgery. An office visit and VSI procedure determined that the

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Knee Case 1
23-year old female soccer player complained of “catching & locking” intermittently. The MRI reported no visible damage or abnormalities. The VSI procedure identified a fully intact

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Knee Case 2
48-year old male had an arthroscopic meniscectomy. He was experiencing mid-term lateral pain ten months post-operatively while trying to return to soccer. An office visit and VSI procedure ruled

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Patient presented with a history of chronic elbow pain and "catching." An office visit and VSI procedure showed no osteochondral defects, no coronoid tip fracture, a healthy

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